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Our company was established in 2011 to provide the best archery venue and training here in the Central Valley. We specialize primarily in Olympic target shooting and providing consultations for everything archery.

The OASIS is the premier facility for anyone who wishes to pursue the art of archery and can host various events and sports for any that need a venue to grow and thrive.

We offer a venue for target archery as well as lessons, private coaching, equipment consultations, and hosting events.

Programs and Events


We have monthly memberships available for all levels. With a monthly membership, you can get perks such as unlimited range time and equipment. JOAD Class lessons, private lessons, and even shuttle service.

Daily & Hourly Range Usage

We provide hourly and daily range usuage. Along with range usuage, we also offer equipment rentals, a 1-on-1 class, a JOAD class, and even private lessons.

News & Events

To keep our archery members in the know and updated on what’s going on, we also have news, events, a score registry, and even a monthly calendar.

Interesting facts about archery


The modern Olympic recurve bow may look hi-tech, but it is actually based on a design that originated over 3500 years ago (1,500 BC)!

10 -12

During the Middle Ages, a skilled long-bowman could release between 10-12 arrows per minute. That’s an arrow every five/six seconds


Archery was the only sport that women could take part in, when they were first allowed to compete in the 1904 St. Louis Olympics.


One of England’s greatest victories was because of the skill of its long-bowmen. During the Battle of Crecy in 1346, they killed almost 2000 French knights and soldiers. The English lost just 50 men.


South Korea has (so far) won the most gold medals in Olympic archery with an impressive haul of 19.


To get within the ‘gold ring’, Olympic archers have to be able to hit a target the size of a beermat from a distance of seven bus lengths!

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