Daily Rates

We have different pricing options for everyone.

Hourly $20/hr.
$15 Bow Rental


Try Archery Class

Includes equipment, coaching, and consultation.

Private Lesson
By appointment only

Coaching Rates

30 minutes $40
60 minutes $60

Joad Basic $150

6 group lessons.
Tuesday – Friday 1hr 30m
Saturday 10am -2pm

JOAD Advanced $250
8 Sessions
2 Half hour lessons

Monthly Rate

Monthly Range pass $100 + $20 per additional member:
Unlimited usage and equipment rental

Monthly Memberships

Get all the best perks and support from Oasis with a monthly membership

Range Pass


Unlimited Range
Equipment usage
JOAD Competitions

JOAD Basic


All Bronze Perks, plus
8 Lessons JOAD Class

JOAD Advanced


All Bronze + Silver Perks, plus
4 Private Lessons with Level
4 National Coach

Shuttle Service

Oasis also provides a unique shuttle service to our facility. Our members can be picked up from their location and dropped off at our facility*. Under our monthly memberships, shuttle service is an extra service we can provide under our Bronze and Silver options for an extra $100/mo. Under out Gold membership option however, shuttle service is complimentary. Our shuttle runs on Tuesdays and Thursday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. for more information or if you’d like to start service, please email us.

*Limitations apply. Shuttle will pick up member, but will not drop-off at another location, other than Oasis facility. Pick-up locations must be within limited county, city, region or area.